Creating a Team Page

Awesome ideas exist inside and outside of hackathons, and we have provided a space for innovators to quicky get their ideas circulating in the public arena. We have options for team projects that are directly connected to a hackathon hosted on the site, and for projects that stand alone.

If you have an idea that you would like to get out in the public, you just start with an idea name and purpose. From there, you can add more information, and publish your team project for people to find. Below is a description of everything you get with your special project page.

Create your project now

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Information You Can Include

When publishing your project, we know you want to put your best foot forward. After finishing all of your team work on your dashboard, you can publish your page by selecting the button that appears as such:

"How do we quickly generate a website for our idea?
Also, how do we know which visitors care about our idea? "

You will be prompted add the following details:

Mandatory Items
  • General Problem Statement
  • Project Logo
  • Three Main Selling Points for Your Idea
  • Overview of Idea/Product/Project/Program
  • Contact Information
  • Color for Your Team
  • Optional Items
  • Video of the Team (Commercial, etc.)
  • Feedback Provided from Judges
  • Background Image for your Page (Can Use a GIF)
  • When all information has been added, you will be given the option to publish your team.

    An Example

    Email Sign Up and Analytics

    Once you publish your site, it becomes accessible through the browse page, and has it's own URL that you can use to market for customer discovery(a process used to identify if your product has a market fit based on real interactions with potential customers).

    We give you some high-level analytics on how many people visit your site. Visitors to your page also have the option to sign up for your mailing list. You will be able to see how the number of signups change over time, and also have the contact information for those that have added their email addresses.