Become a Partner

What Partnership Means to Us

Partnering with HackOut.Ninja means that we are able to open more services and opportunities for the hackathon industry. Our partners are our extended family members and each partnership is uniquely designed to benefit our partners and our fellow hackers. We seek companies and organizations that have the full intention of improving the world through inclusive problem solving.

All of our partners provide some service of value to hackers and hackathon organizers. Developer packs, consulting, funding, sponsorship, food and drink, venues, expertise, and volunteers are just some of the provisions our awesome partners have provided. If your company or organization is interested in serving the hackathon community, we would be happy to have a conversation to foster a partnership. We are open to partnering with all industries.

What Partnership Means to Our Partners

Our partners see us as extended family members that help to accomplish their mission statements. Collectively we are like-minded individuals who share resources and access in order to better serve the community.

Strategically, our partners recognize our ability to assist with the distribution of knowledge, branding, and resources, and can also provide specific solutions to issues that are frequently faced within large corporations.

Our Partners Connect with Markets

By partnering with HackOut, our partners are able to tap into untouched markets. Hackathons come in many varieties- age groups, demographics, geography, language, and even topic. We've seen art hackathons, food hackathons, literature hackathons. Hackathons combine a range of skill-sets as well. While developers are the commonly known job occupation, you'll also find salespeople, startup founders, engineers, writers, designers, craftspeople, and entertainers.

As a partner, we engage you directly to determine your company objectives and identify the most appropriate hackathons for your involvement. As a company, we believe the world is better when people are connected. Many times dreamers just need support, and those with resources just need an idea. When those two come together, magic happens.

Our Partners Make Real Impact

We want partners that are ready to "get stuff done", and so we look for companies and organizations that have already demonstrated a history of reaching out to communities. That way, when we work together, our efforts prove to be effective.

Impact can mean community service hours, community-building projects, social causes and advocacy, shifting industry paradigms, and maintaining a corporate philosophy that supports the activities.

Our Partners are Committed to the Community

A real partnership brings benefits to the partners, and first and foremost (for us), it brings a benefit to the community. Regardless of setbacks and hurdles, HackOut and our partners are resilient. We are committed to the community by following through on goals and adapting when necessary.

We love each of our partners and work towards their continued impact and growth.