Hackathon Live Dash

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Manage from Event Setup

As your event nears, the Event Setup page changes to include all Live Dash options- pitch streaming, attendee-specific messages, live dash document repository, and posts of images.

Manage Pitch Presentations and Post Announcements

Announcements are sent as emails to attendees by groups. For instance, all volunteers will receive a message or all hackers will receive a message. You can also view whcih documents are on the Live Dash pitch section. You can add or remove items from the Live Dash. The Live Dash allows teams to avoid the hassle of testing laptop compatibility.

Presenter Mode for Streaming

Presenter mode on the Live Dash allows you to set up streaming so that only the pitches are being streamed. Note: Whichever device is assigned as the presented mode will have a view where only pitches are visible.

All Pertinent Information for Attendees

Once the event is Live, the Live Dahs become accessible for all attendees. On this dashboard, attendees are able view other attendees, event stats, event agenda items, see pitches, sponsors, and answer survey questions.

Assign and Display Event Winners

Once the event is completed, you can assign winners for each prize category (done on the event setup page) and the winners will posted on the Live Dash so that visitors to the hackathon's Live Dash can follow along with hackathon results.

Attendees Can Vote or Create Teams

All attendees with permissions to create a team or vote on teams will have the ability to use these sections on the Live Dash. Once teams are created, users are automatically redirected o their team dash.

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