Hackathon Reporting and Statistics

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See Quick Stats on Event Performance

The stats page will show a quick overview of how many impressions your site has had, how many attendees you have, how many vote have been cast, your reach based on the tags you've assigned to your event, and other aspects of interest.

One-Click Reports on Event Planning and Event Participant

We provide an HTML version of a report on your event- planning, performance, and results are all included in this report.

Static Template on Hackathon Fundraising

We provide a packet with a description of how you should set up your sponsorship packet.

Template for Volunteer Training

We include a template on what information should be included when training any external vendors or event volunteers.

Template for Hackathon Checklist

We provide an excel spreadsheet with all of the best practice information for planning a hackathon.

Mailchimp-ready Spreadsheet of Event

There's access to a one-click excel spreadhseet whcih is optimized for a email marketing tool to accept. It includes information about your attendees, teams, and event.

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