Event Analytics and Reporting

Every hackathon comes with quite a bit of documentation: training presentations, registration lists, success metrics reporting, etc. Our goal was to make this aspect as easy as possible for organizers so that most of the energy could be targeted towards the hackathon and the ideas that are generated from it. Our reports are generated with one single click.

For archival and program reviews, our reports can come in handy with showing areas of strength, pointing out areas for improvement, and providing useful information to keep the kindling of ideation going.

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Event Report Spreadsheet

With one click, we automatically generate an excel spreadsheet with high-level event and attendee information.

  • How many attendees were presents?
  • How many challenges were solved?
  • How many teams were created?
  • What are the first name, last name, and email address, and skills of each attendee?
  • How many sponsors were present?
  • Who was on which team?
  • You can use this spreadsheet as information to upload into an email marketing system, and allow partners, sponsors, or media personnel to have access to the list.

    Event Report Document

    In a single click, you can generate an event report which shows a detailed list of attendees and teams. It also includes information about event planning, event finances, and the outcomes of the event such as:

  • How quickly were tasks completed?
  • What were the highest costs associated with the event?
  • How engaged were attendees?
  • Additional details about the attendees from registration questions.
  • Best Practice Templates

    We have compiled a list of some of the most important presentations created for a successful hackathon, and have made an editable template for you to use. .

  • Raising Funds for Your Hack- Most hackathons gain funding by developing partnerships with organizations and corporate relationships. A hackathon is unique in that everyone participating can walk away with something of value. Our template for you includes all of the questions you should be able to answer, the order they should be answered, and ideas for collaborating with external groups.
  • Training Mentors and Volunteers- Often forgotten is the importance of preparing all of your special hackathon guests for the big day. They should know the event layout, times, shifts, loading areas, code of conduct, and the goals of the hackathon. Our template helps you put everything together in an entertaining way so that your special guests will be well-prepared for the hackathon.
  • Elements of a Successful Hackathon- Get strategic! All successful hackathons have a main purpose and cater everything to that single purpose. This document is more information for all of our HackOut.Ninja organizers. We want to make sure you are ready for your hackathon whether it’s your first time or your fortieth time.