Electronic Voting

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Judges Can View Presentations and Vote on Teams

The Live Dash allows all viewers to follow along with pitches which can also be streamed. For Judges and attendees with voting permissions, they are able to electronically vote via a voting panel.

Votes are Calculated with Ranking

Administrators are able to see how teams are ranking based on the votes that come in.

Provide Feeback Via Vote

As attendees cast their votes, they can also supply feeback or commentary on their vote which gets sent to teams.

Set Voting Criteria and Scoring Rules

Voting criteria can be set and are used as a guide for the judges when completing a scorecard. Scoring rules for each criterion include setting a max and min score. It also includes adding a description where you can provide additional information to help judges give their score.

Teams Can be Removed from Voting Rounds

Many hackathons have multiple rounds. From the manage attendees section, you can remove or add teams to voting rounds. Only teams in a voting round are visible to attendees on the Live Dash.

Votes Calculated by Provided Criteria and Challenges

If the hackathon includes challenges, the ranking is displayed in in best overall, and best by challenge, and it further breaks down into best per voting criterion.

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