About HackOut

We call ourselves hackathon enthusiasts, but that was not always the case. As a group, we have been on a startup's journey of launches, betas, pivots, learning to code, and funding rounds amongst many other things. The journey has brought us to HackOut.Ninja.

We believe in the promise of the hackathon world. They can be fun, productive, addictive, and awesome for building communities and lasting friendships where real value is evident and appreciated. We want to do everything we can to support hackathons and members of the hackathon community. We love hackathons because a hackathon is one of the few places anyone can feel comfortable to be themselves. We have watched teams with members from diverse backgrounds, at different points in their lives, come together with the highest hopes for each other and building something they can be proud of--

Where Else Can That Happen?

  • Burning the Candle on Both Ends

    Jan 2013

    We started with a CRM idea called PEAR'd. We thought it would change the world. We were also working at a corporate desk job in a cushy 9-5.

  • Solo and Traveling Around the Country

    Sept 2013

    We sought funding and branched out on our own. We made lots of new friends, but could not create a prototype.

  • Board Meeting and Intro to Hackathons

    Sept 2014

    We were invited to a hackathon and pitched our CRM tool as suggested by a board member.

  • The Coding Journey + Funding

    Dec 2014

    We began learning how to code and our first investor became interested.

  • FCC Conference Pitch and Pivot

    Jan 2015

    We were so inspired by the hackathon that instead of pitching CRM, we created a "HackDash" prototype and pitched it at a conference.

  • Becoming Hack Enthusiasts

    Feb 2015

    We began learning everything we could about hackathons. We hacked, organized, mentored, volunteered, consulted etc. This has not stopped (they are addictive).

  • HackOut's Debut

    Aug 2015

    We had our first product launch (super-super beta) and have been growing ever since!

HackOut Team

Daniel Santos



Front End Development

Client Management

Jerica Richardson


Front-End and Back End Dev

Strategic Partnerships

Manish Shah


Troy Harris



Antoinette McCorvey

Board Member

Alonzo Lorens

Contract and Business Attorney

Bradford Franklin



Human Resources

Benn Konsynski

Board Member

Suzanne Malone

Board Member

Steven Cook

Board Member

Jason Grier

IP Attorney

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