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Assign and Post Tasks for Others

Tasks can be created and assigned to other members of the event. Tasks can be given specific categories as well. All tasks will appear in the calendar and are accessed by clicking on the task item. Those with access to viewing tasks will be able to view it.

Create Shifts for Volunteers

If a task is created as a shift, it gets logged into the calendar differently. Volunteers assigned to the shift will be able to view their shifts via the Live Dash.

See Our Best Practices Planning Calendar

HackOut.Ninja has a default calendar for your hackathon based on your event date. It's a calendar with all best practice planinng items for your hackathon so that you are aware of everything that needs to be done each day so that your hackathon can be successful.

Create, Assign, and Mark as Complete

All tasks can only be created, assigned, or markd as complete. Whomever is assigned to a task is able to mark it as complete. Owners are able to delete the task.

Month, Week, or Daily View

The calendar has a view as a month, week, or day. This can toggle for each user.

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