Managing Hackathon Resources (APIs, Literature, etc.)

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Add Resources By Team or Challenge

Resources can be created and assigned by challenge or given directly to a team. Those with permission to create reosurces have full discretion on how resources are allocated.

Provide Documents Needed for Team Participation

If you have specific documents that need a signature or comment, it can be added as a resource so that teams can quickly add comments or sign it and return it.

Edit and Delete Resources

Once created, reosurce owners are able to edit the resource's information or delete it.

Add & Assign Developer Packs, Data Sources, Guidelines, Brainstorming Tools etc.

Recources are classified as documents, APIs, links, videos, or any other media that can assist a team in their brainstorming or problem solving process. You can provide decriptions for each one to betetr communicate the purpose an utility of the tool.

Allow Partners and Sponsors to Add Resources

Anyone with permission to add resource will be able to access this page and edit resources that they specifically created.

Resources Appear On Team Dashes

Teams are able to access the resources via their team dashes under the Help Section. A table with a list of the provided resources is shown.

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