Managing Challenges/Problems

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Create, Edit, Delete Unique Challenges

You have the ability to manage challenges for all teams and specify them by category.

Partners and Sponsors Can Add Challenges

You can extend permissions to other attendee types and allow sponsors and partners to add in their own information regardig challenges.

Provide Challenge Contact Information

You have the ability to apply speciifc points of contact for each challenge. This helps to keep brainstorming organized for your attendees.

Provide Challenge Objectives

Challenge objectives are aspects of challenges that concern the overall purpose of the challenge at hand- what should it achieve in measurable ways.

Assign Challenge-specific Prizes and Resources

Once challenges are a part of the hackathon, you and your partners have the ability to assign prizes and apis, documents, and other resources to teams working on that specific challenge.

See Voting Results By Challenge

Our electronic voting panel on the Live Dash automatically tabulates scores and ranking according to specificed judging criteria and challenge categories.

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