Managing Attendees

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Invite Admins and Special Guests

As long as you have an email address, you can add a message and send a personal invitation. If you already have a list of attendees, you can upload it using excel. Note: there are no limits on the number of people you can invite.

Review and Accept Applications

You can edit your settings to force every registration to be reviewed and accepted before they are allowed to "attend" the event or visit the live dash.

Manage Special Guests and Volunteers

HackOut.Ninja let's you assign attendees as Volunteers, Subject Matter Experts, Mentors, Team Leaders, Team Members, Speakers, Media Personnel, Judges, and Administrators.

Set Attendee Permissions

For each type of attendee, you can specify their registration abilities. You can give access to creating teams, checking reports, uploading documents, adding challenges, and voting.

Correspond with Teams and Attendees

You can send direct emails to attendee groups with attachments. You can also send emails to individual attendees and team leaders.

Pre-Assign Teams

You can add people to a pre-defined team before a hackathon or let them choose teams to join. You can also let them create their own teams.

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