Setting Up Your Hackathon

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Create Your Event Website and Rules

Your branded registration page can be up and ready in a amtter of minutes. You can also upload/add your own rules and regulations for the event.

Add a Survey to Event for Feedback

Attendees have access to a Live Dash where they can gain access to any surveys you may have provided. We can post any link to a survey.

Set Your Event's Agenda

You can add agenda items and specify which audience should see it. If it's for teams only, the item is treated as a team deadline.

Add List of Prizes

You can add prizes to your even as well to encourage people who visit your hackathon site to register,

Set Registration Experience

You can set the registration experience: private event, application, one click and go, terms and policy agreements, etc.

Create Applications for Registrants

You can add registration questions for your event and review the answers as an application in a separate tab. All accepted applicants receive an invitation to the event.

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