Hackathon Budgeting and Financial Performance

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Use Our Best Practices Budget

Our budget planner allows you to select the expected number of attendees, anticipated hackathon duration, and whether or not you plan to do travel reimbursements. We then give you an estimate for each categorical cost for a hackathon (Marketing, Free Items, Prizes, etc.)

Track Expenses and Funds

All users with access to the finance pages have the ability to add expenses and revenue streams with respective values, receipts, and descriptions.

See Hackathon ROI, Cost Per Attendee and Performance in Reports

As a result of providing accurate financial information, we provide high-level analytics around ROI, cost per attendee, outstanding payments and receivables, etc.

Mark Payables and Receivables as Completed

You can see the status of items that have yet to be fully paid and payments that have yet to be received. When sponsors are added with an amount, it automatically adds a line item to this spreadsheet.

Line-Item Categorization

All inputs have categories, and these categories are reflected in the fiancial spreadsheet, and financial stats.

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